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Striving for Safe, Durable, and Resilient Buildings Through Safety Layering.

Taking the Direct Approach When it comes to Fire-Safety Since 1999


Policies and Codes

It is the position of Fire Safe North America (FSNA) that balanced fire protection design, also referred to as safety layering, redundancy, or reliability enhancement integrates multiple features and systems into the design to reinforce one another in case of the failure of any one. 


Campaigns and Reports

FSNA has prepared position papers for distribution to participants in the code development processes, including committee members, prior to the hearings, technical committee meetings and report sessions on significant code changes to the passive fire protection industry.

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Featured Initiative

Project Fail-Safe: 2014-2017 NASFM Fire Research & Education Foundation

Project FAIL-SAFE, under the direction of the National Association of State Fire Marshals Fire Research & Education Foundation, will examine the value of safety layering in buildings in a multi-step, multi-year study. In the context of building/fire safety and community resiliency, this project will investigate the value of safety layering, or reliability enhancement, in a …

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