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In light of our successes and losses in the 2006 IBC, the FSNA carefully reflected on and evaluated which strategies and tactics are “working” well for the FSNA in order to establish the next set of strategies and tactics.

In order to grow the organization and to expand FSNA outreach and educational programs, the Board moved from a volunteer organization to a fully paid staff to attend to ever expanding daily administrative tasks and technical issues, including writing articles, managing consultants and their contracts, communication and contact with code and fire officials and FSNA members. Historically, Board members have individually volunteered to help run the organization. While the efforts were much appreciated and well intended, it resulted in less than maximum efficiency.

The Full Throttle Campaign was intended to implement many of the same activities from the FAST TRACK campaign in 2006-2007, but with more intensity. The FSNA has helped the fire services to become aware of their conspicuous absence during the building code development process, and has responded positively to address that void.

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